Community Garden in Aley comes to an end

in 2020 eight Aley ladies from Syria (the Hummingbirds) established a Community Garden in Aley, Lebanon. Supported by Global DreamWeb and Hivos they did not only grow plants and food, but they also grew their confidence, involvement, motivation and connections. After a fruitful learning period the project came to an end in October 2022. The Hummingbirds learned a lot from this experience. Next to farming: planting, growing and harvesting various vegetables, such as kale, lettuce, spinach, carrot, beans, cauliflower, they also learned to take care of chickens.
This project learned them what it takes to be an active community, work together, negotiate, talk with the neighbors, be patient, value things and money and step by step finding solutions themselves.

So what’s next?
Some of the Hummingbirds are concentrating on their role as a mother or looking forward to an upcoming wedding. Some of them are thinking of the next project in the form of a bigger garden in a different location or a web shop. Let’s see what the future will bring…

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