Unesco’s Futures Literacy Lab

This year Shahed Kseibi executed Unesco’s Futures Literacy Labs in Lebanon.
In the Futures Literacy Labs participants shift from probable images of the future to thinking about what matters to them (the ‘why’) and how to get involved (the ‘how’).

While conducting the first Futures Literacy Lab with Syrian refugees in Lebanon in September 2020, it was evident that it helped participants with life changing decisions, such as the question: Shall I return prematurely to Syria or not?

Considering the various transformations and great uncertainties in Lebanon as well as the complex global crises that all of us are facing on many levels, we believe that the time is now for such a program. Starting by empowering the most disadvantaged people, namely Syrian refugee communities who have been in Lebanon for over 10 years now. After them it should be used widely with different communities and in different setups in Lebanon.

Shahed carried out two Futures Literacy Labs in Tripoli during the months of June and July 2022. The first lab was conducted with 21 Syrian participants and the second lab with 21 Lebanese participants. Shortly after a dialogue event was organized for 10 selected local champions from both labs. This event served as a platform to expand on the third stage of the lab “new questions and new actions”. Participants further explored the new questions that emerged from the labs. They considered aspects of the present that were either invisible or marginal, but that offered unexpected potential.
In addition, this event further bridged the gaps between Syrians and Lebanese and created a unique space for empowered Syrian and Lebanese youth to contemplate joint grievances and aspirations, as well as setting positive steps forward together.

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