The Global DreamWeb Method

The Global DreamWeb method consists of 4 elements:

Self-confidence, Team Building, Creative Action that then comes together in an Active Community

1. Self-confidence requires trust in yourself and in the other

2. Team Building is necessary to achieve great things together

3. Creative Action this is where the rubber hits the route using the leadership skill

4. Active Community is caused by the merging of the previous elements


In addition, The method incorporates knowledge of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), positive psychology and stress reduction. Being Present is a common thread in the working method, because you can increase your impact from the here and now. And we use art as a means of expression.

Hummingbirds – Leaderschip Program

Our leadership program is based on the Global DreamWeb method. A leader is someone who is responsible for their sphere of influence and for expanding it. That may be their family, community, team or the organizations of which they are they are part. They are also response-able, which means they are able to respond to any situation.

The program consists of three modules:

Module 1: Unlock your potential Fostering self-confidence. Participants connect from their individual strengths and passion, so they know what is important for them and what their contribution can be for a collective goal. Participants create a profile and know how to deal with stress.

Module 2: Team Building Participants from different cultures learn to work together. The potential of a group with many cultures is explored and validated. They learn to deal with feelings, wishes and opinions of oneself and others. Participants gain basic knowledge about open communication and dealing with conflict

Module 3: Creative Action Participants learn to intentionally make their actions beneficial for others. They experience the joy of meaningful actions. They learn to Work together to realize a common dream.

Global DreamWeb knows that when people feel connected and join forces, great things can happen!