Hummingbirds Summer Camp 2022

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Hello Everyone!

I am Imane El Hayek. I took the inner leadership training of trainers 2020, at a time where the crisis was starting to peak. and I truly believe that it has been transformative in the way I see myself, people with whom I work on the daily, the community within which I’m active, and the fight on the bigger level and the system we claim to fight.

It has allowed me to become a better communicator and mediator, and to admit my own humanity and that of others, in all settings, especially when conflict or tensions arise. It has allowed me to be more radically human in my social, political and personal life.

It has also helped me unlock more of my creative and artistic side, and I think, in some ways, has made me a better potential clown 🙂

This year, 2 of the trainees in my tribe, Rola & Avin, are trying to organize a retreat to relay the program to more girls in Lebanon.

We are at a time where the majority of people residing in Lebanon, especially in the challenging rural contexts, are struggling each day to secure their most basic needs. More hate speech and intolerance is being spewed every minute.

However, in the struggle, we often forget that our own strength, mental and spiritual capacity and leadership truly matters. It defines our ability to go on, and to still grown as individuals and communities instead of just surviving.

The crisis doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, spaces of deep reflection, connection, leadership and inner peace are much needed, and -trust me- can be life saving, especially for girls in Lebanon.

The funds will cover the cost of the program over 8 days, from the 22nd of August till the 1st of September 2022.

I’m happy and hopeful to see this program seeing the light.
Donate if you can – especially friends abroad 🙂 and share the word!

Thank you in advance 🙂


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