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Leadership for Girls Summer Camp

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Yearly worldwide event around International Peace Day 21 September

Youngsters from diverse racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds join the Social Peace Challenge and engage in peace-building activities. They work together in mixed DreamTeams to bridge differences, so that they discover they have more similarities. Together they make a difference by linking their passions and talents to the greatest need at school, in their neighborhoods and in the world: Peace!

Because together we are one and everybody is the same. You just have to treat each other with respect

- Douae, Participant from Huygens College Amsterdam

You can’t have peace, unless you are willing to be peace.

- Mpho Tutu, keynote speaker at first Peace Challenge

  • Celebrate diversity
  • Peace-building activities
  • Work together
  • Challenges
  • Joy
  • Awards

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Peace-building training for youngsters is crucial in the world of today. Support us in creating a network of young people teaching, spreading and encouraging peace through actions?


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