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Peace College

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Exchange for secondary schools

Young people use their talent and realize their shared dream for a better world. Together with students from a class with a different background you learn to bridge differences and to focus on similarities. This way you build a ‘community’ together and make the difference. The Global DreamWeb curriculum is linked to the key objectives of primary and secondary education, especially to citizenship. However it is also linked to the professional orientation of students (dream jobs) and the 21st century skills.

It is really useful, as we learn a lot from each other.

- Yafuz - participant Peace College

Within a few minutes you see them connecting.

- Bas Huijbers - teacher IJburg College Amsterdam

  • Connecting
  • Peace through action
  • Overcome biases
  • Two classes with different background
  • 21st century skills
  • Citizenship

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Getting to know each other contributes to more mutual understanding. More self-knowledge and mutual understanding creates a more peaceful society. You can contribute to this connecting program.


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