Foundation Global DreamWeb

We are an independant non-profit organisation qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Our ultimate goal is to create a Global DreamWeb of young people who help each other to realize projects with the aim to create a more peaceful world. Our high impact programs increase mutual understanding between people. Central themes are peace of mind, respect, cooperation, solidarity and social commitment.

Our view on Peacebuilding

What is needed for a peaceful society? We do not claim to have all the answers but we do know that we develop peace from the inside out.  Our model starts with the individual. We connect that individual to an effective team. Together they engage in meaningful action in the world.
We aim to create a Global DreamWeb, a network of young people teaching, spreading and encouraging peace through actions. The Global DreamWeb supports and empowers young people to create entrepreneurial projects that manifest peace in the world.

The essence of peace building is peace of mind and empathy that can be evoked by seeing the human in everyone. Understanding the other begins with understanding yourself and gaining knowledge of your own references and biases. We learn to communicate in an open way with awareness of assumptions.